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New!  Paleo Diet- The Weight Loss with Paleo Diet e-book will help you correct the main weight causing factor. Diet itself! ...

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New! Power of Attorney - Many articles to help understand these issues.

New!  Local Internet Marketing - help local businesses to go on-line ...

Choosing Alternate Fuels  Foreclosure Relief Handbook DUI/DWI Info

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Internet TV - over 3000 channels + Internet radio
Power4Home - solar power, wind power and more!
My Shed Plans - build your own from these easy plans + 100's of woodworkingprojects as a bonus.
Water Fuel - Increase the efficiency of your car
My Airfare Secrets - learn the secrets to low cost airfare!

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  Identity Theft e-book  It's only a matter of time ... will you be the next victim of Identity Theft? This 41 page e-book reveals all the strategies you need to protect yourself and your family. 
  • "You Could be a Victim of Identity Theft" 
  • Learn What to Do If You’ve Been Victimized 
  • How to Prevent Thieves from Targeting You! 
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Lemon Law Ebook


1) Find out if your car constitutes as a lemon
No one has to settle for a lemon or a vehicle that doesn't run. A vehicle is a very expensive investment and you have to protect yourself and your property.

2) Find out what your state and federal rights are and what you can do
There is something you can do.  You may be able to revoke your purchase also. Find out what you can do with the 'How to Know if Your Car is a Lemon or Not'.

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Staying Young Ebook

Discover How To Hinder The
Aging Process On Your Body
And In Your Life!

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Child Safety Online Ebook

Is Your Child At Risk Of Being Lured By A Stranger Online?

Discover How You Can Prevent Your Child From Becoming A Predator’s Target And Your Worst Nightmare!

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Cyber Security

Are you worried about your security when you go online? Do you panic at the thought of your kids on the internet? Have you always wanted to buy items online but were afraid that you would get your information stolen? Do you worry about computer hackers?

Discover The Strategies To Protecting Your Internet Security!

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Foreclosure Survival Handbook

The Foreclosure Survival Handbook - "Discover in the next 20 Minutes the Tactics Necessary to Stop, Stave Off or Extinguish Altogether a Foreclosure Situation before You Lose More Than Your Home."


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Credit Repair

Discover How To Build Back A Good Credit Score
& Get Out Of The Debt In The Shortest Time Possible!  

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Fuel Efficient Vehicles 

Online Poker

Alternate Fuels 

Stress Relief 


Credit Repair Revealed